TO&OWO, TV SAT Magazine, 3/99

Rentgen Classic - Tanita , ATOMIC TV, Tuesday (19th Jan) 9.00p.m. CET.


"Tanita Tikaram gifted with an original low voice became famous in 80's with songs GOOD TRADITION and TWIST IN MY SOBRIETY. In her repertoire are moody songs rooths of which are in folk music; sometimes you can hear something bit of jazz in them. The well known song "Stop Listening" becomes from album "Cappuccino Songs" that Tanita has released lately."

Transcription from - RENTGEN, ATOMIC TV, 19th January 1999, 21.00-22.00 CET.


"Hi. I'm Tanita Tikaram and you will now be seeing my 10 favourite videos and it's gonna be very good!"

"The first choice is Marvin Gaye and SEXUAL HEALING". The first time I heard him on the old Motown records (...). When I became older I unerstood how important he was, especially in 70's. He was a musician engaged in politics and social problems.Unfortunately he died too early and really stupid way. He was one of the greatest soul singers in the world".


"She's probably the most extraoidinary artists in the last 10 or 20 years. She has amazing videos. It's amazing to me how she creates her image. Everybody knows that it is just an image but I admire in her the ability of believing herself that gives her a self cofidence. Musicaly her recordings are surprisingly great and her last album - just wonderful".

"RAY OF LIGHT because it's just has an incrediblyekind of energy. It is not like that Madonna is 40 and she should not emanate energy. This songs sounds like old 60's, it's very simple - this makes the production very contemporary .But structuraly it sounds like an old song.


"I love Cindy Lauper. She has a very interesting voice. It's souful that you may not notice how unique it is. Sometimes when she is singing I think - God, this is amazing. I think that people do not apprecciate her enough, maybe because of her voice, she has a very strange voice. Cyndi Layper writes great songs, that does not happen very often. People will always return to her. A record with her greater hits has just been released. Ithink that now, after the release people understood that these songs are really great"


"Aretha Franklin is a queen of soul. What can I say about Aretha Franklin - she is one of the greatest vocalists of the century. And I think in the 60's in soul music was a golden era. At the time lots of great songs was created, not only in soul music, justwonderful songs. At the time artists like Aretha Franklin or Marvin Gaye were recording songs for Motown Records.Now people do not write so many great things and seems to me that it is nota fault of Aretha Franklin. This videoI haven't actually seen but I have been told by you that it is great. I am not affraid...anyway, she is still a great singer".


"Sexiest, coolest group in the universe. Vety funny, very rythmic and very european but definetly not English. In 70's there was no other groups like ABBA. Now it is plentyof european groups and everything is mixed, but atthe time it was completly different. I have chosen DANCING QUEEN 'cause it is my song".


I had lived in LA for a year and a half. Tom Petty is to me a typically american vocalist. When I think of LA I think also about him. Sometimes when you drive on american highways you have the feeling that he has descrided in the song, the feeling of freedom, and it is very mithycal America in this song. I like the work he had done with Jeff Lyn (?), I think that Jeff has teached him something that I like. His other songs - I think people like them, but I apprecciate the most the pure american sound, more than the rock-school sound really.


"He is also somebody , I think he is incredibly true and has done great things. The song that you'll hear - HUNGRY HEART - is good to danceing, I hope you know it. I love the rythm of the song, you may hear a great percussion. Springsteen has a great team, they play like in 50's or 60's. You know - just a real old sound that I love.


Bob Marley is a the guy, man, and the song ONE LOVE. And everybody grown up with Bob Marley. He has always been my idol, was somebody who composes good things and writes good words. He managed to be political in a way that did not push you away"

+++ BOB MARLEY "ONE LOVE"+++ (8)

Stevie Wonder is just amazing. You can not notice how much he influenced contemporary music. Jamiroquai, all black qroups try to sing like him that not always is a similarly good thing! Stevie Wonder is a genius, whatever you take sounds wonderful even if it's really doggy it sounds amazing. Stevie Wonder is open onmany kinds of music. He has recorded an album in Spanish, mixes soul and country music - I have always liked that. Soul songs are great songs but unfortunately during latest days lots of things has changed for worse, now everybody wants to show how wonderful voices they have and words of songs are about nothing. But when you listen to the genius of soul you feel that they were singing great songs and the most iportant - there were some idea in them. He is a very good example of this.


"That was my 10 favourite videos. This is Tanita Tikaram. And I hope to see you again, maybe at a concert , maybe at a street, who knows!"


There was only 9 songs - what has happened with the 10th? Maybe they just could not find it. Maybe somebody has an idea what could be the song that Tanita apprecciates so much?

The whole program remembers me GESCHMACKSACHE - from VIVA2. It was much like this. It was recorded at the Marina hotel in Sopot, I could recognize the hotel garden visible behing a window.

Tanita looked great. She has wonderful mimics and gesticulation. Her eyes were shooting to lamps situated all over the ceiling.

That's how it was.


[Translation, transcription and comments sent by Margi Ziemianin to TT-mailing list]



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