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    Sopot Festival - 22.08.98
    History of Sopot Festival

    The International Song festival "SOPOT FESTIVAL" celebrates its 35th anniversary in 1998. It's one of the oldest song contests in Europe. The unique scenery of the 'Opera Lesna' in Sopot, near to Gdansk, has been a venueof representatives of various styles and types of pop music.

    The name of the festival, its regulations and the organizers have changed over these 35 years.

    In the 60s and early 70s the festival was a typical song contest, organized by the Ministry Of Culture with the Polish Artistic Agency "Pagart". Its participants includuded then renowned and popular European artists, such as Karel Gott (Czechoslovakia), Frida Boccara (Monaco), Henri Des (Switzerland), Isabelle Aubret (France), Salome (Spain), and others.

    In the mid-70s the same organizers with the Committee for Radio and TV organized the Intervision Festival. This was the most prestigious musical and song event taking place in Eastern Europe. It became a place of great successes by Eastern Block stars, e.g. Helena Vondrackova, Jiri Korn, Frank Schabel, Alla Pugaczova, Hana Zagorova, Maryla Rodowicz (singing also this year).

    In 70s and 80s guests of Festival could watch Charles Aznavour, Shirley Bassey, Boby Solo, The Temptations, Johny Cash, Kim wilde, Marillion, Jose Feliciano, Alison Moyet, Paul Young and others.

    Polish Television (TVP S.A.) became the sole organizer of the Festival in 1994.

    Some of the artists that have participated in the Sopot Festival over the last few years include:

    • 1995 - Chuck Berry, Vanessa Mae, Annie Lennox.
    • 1996 - The Kelly Family, Vaya Con Dios, Deep Forest, La Bouche.
    • 1997 - Khadja Nin, Alexia, Secret Garden, Boyz II Men.
    • 1998 - The Corrs, Ace Of Base, Tanita Tikaram, Era, Chris Rea.

    [From the official bulletin of 35th Sopot Festival (21-22.08.98) edited by Polish TV (TVP S.A.)]

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