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  • First Polish Tanita Tikaram Fanpage

    Sopot Festival - 22.08.98

    Below short description and my feelings during my first meeting with Tanita - "All Stars Concert" during Sopot Festival '98:

    It was really great day with Tanita concert, first in my life. But from the beginning. I came to Sopot early evening, but in the amphitheater was late just before 8 p.m. I sat far from the stage so could watch Tanita well this morning watching the concert again by video. The weather wasn't fine it was raining sometimes but waiting for HER was so exciting...

    First we could watch Ace Of Base, then Polish band Bajm and ... two comperes introduce Tanita:

    "And now the individuality which can create so changing moods and at the same time so great that I waited for her performance. She was born in Munster, Germany, but grew up in England and there had her debut at 19. Later she successed worldwide, till today she gave 1000 concerts. She's 28 (of course they forgot her birthday ten days ago), recorded 5 ("TCS" was 6th) albums, this last "The Cappuccino Songs" was recorded after a long break when Tanita abandon the music environment, playing in the film, modeling, transformed her inner life and her look, but is still beautiful. She sold 7 millions records. They say in Norway one fourth of people has at least one her album (Morten is it true?). Have we any album, too? (this question was aimed at the audience and I cried loudly - YES!) She has many hits like "Twist In My Sobriety", (here was a mistake - "The Ancient Heart"), "Cathedral Song" and much more... I'm sure "The Cappuccino Songs" is her great comeback. Madonna said in one of last interviews she listen to only TT's albums. Here's the princess of ballad - Tanita Tikaram". (uff, it was looong)

    Well, now should be Tanita. But ... no one except the band and sounds of strings. People seem to be impatient. We cried TANITA, TANITA .. and at last sounds of "If I Ever" and SHE is on the stage. All's O.K. Tanita wore a white (or very light) blouse and trousers contrasting with her dark complexion. First good feeling - no playback. The band - a piano, a guitar and four lovely girls singing and playing strings looked and sounded fine. In the next song "Twist In My Sobriety" Tanita also played guitar. It sounded much more acoustic than last songs I heard. Next songs were "Stop Listening" and "Good Tradition". After "SL" Tanita thanked to Chris Rea for lending the sound man. And it would be the end, but after long applause she decided to sing one more song - for 'all lovers of the world' "Light Up The World". End that's all.

    Still two Polish stars - the winners of the competition for a Polish song of 35 years of two Polish festivals and after the break long concert of Chris Rea, really good.

    After the concert I had to go quickly with my friends and catch the night train to Warszawa. And it's the all story of my first Tanita's concert. First, but I hope not last. I'm not sure all were happy but for me it was really true experience.

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