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    Seductive cappuccino with Tanita Tikaram

    Part 2

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    The mood of her next album, THE SWEET KEEPER (1990) is similar to that of the first one and seems to continue the spirit of the old, highly acclaimed songs from ANCIENT HEART. It includes, for example the" very simple LITTLE SISTER LEAVING TOWN - although the sound is so lush and huge. Sometimes a song calls out for a particular arrangement - as in this case." "WE ALMOST GOT IS TOGETHER was written in Dublin, I can remember songs which were written in Norway, Italy, America, Ireland," says Tanita." They are like my souvenirs. (...)This is quite sweet really." "I OWE IT ALL TO YOU - slightly different from my other songs - it's clearly written about my mother, although unintentionally." "IT ALL CAME BACK TODAY - I was staying in this strange hotel in San Diego (American tour) - a sort of holiday resort but it wasn't a holiday season. This confused me, I couldn't imagine anyone feeling rested in such a place; no radio, one had to pay a deposit to use the phone." "HARM IN YOUR HANDS - I was writing something else but I wrote this instead and was soo-oo chuffed that I forgot the other."

    EVERYBODY'S ANGEL (1991) is full of warmth and humour. Admittedly, Tanita succeeded in expressing her charming, charismatic personality through the atmosphere of the album. The fine subtlety of ONLY THE ONES WE LOVE is delicately pointed by Jennifer Warnes' harmony vocals. "SUNFACE - there is always hope and one day I will wake up and find myself nearer to love than yesterday." "SWEAR BY ME - the idea is of how fragile my story is and the world around me. I don't exist!!!"

    ELEVEN KINDS OF LONELINESS (1992) is the album on which Tanita wanted to combine the poetic quality of her ballads with a typically feminine mode of expression. The title refers to a collection of short stories by Richard Yates which inspired the album. All the lyrics on the album are about difficulties in relations among people, about loneliness and sadness. There is no friendship, communication and no love either TO DRINK THE RAINBOW is a song about a platonic love. Tanita spent a lot of time with her lover thinking how she got into this state. "We still love each other deeply but we never drunk the rainbow, so to speak, which sounds quite crass but I think it's very romantic way to describe abstinence. And by rainbow I mean having the courage of your convictions, not physical love necessarily." 'THE WAY I WANT YOU - When you love somebody being away is difficult but sometimes it is easier than being together because then you can really understand the nature of your desire." "ELEPHANT - primitive, insatiable hunger and awkwardness and ugliness and an unwillingness to give yourself to someone/thing - a deep, deep dread of sexuality." On the album you will also find a marvelous song MEN AND WOMEN and the very cheerful OUT ON THE TOWN.

    LOVERS IN THE CITY (1995) is a very rich and harmonious album, imbued with a mixture of fervent emotions - the warmth of FEEDING THE WITCHES, the coolness of BLOODLINES or WOMEN WHO CHEAT ON THE WORLD, and the lightness of WONDERFUL SHADOW. In I MIGHT BE CRYING you hear again the voice of Jennifer Warnes on the vocal chant.

    THE BEST OF TANITA TIKARAM (1996) is a collection of songs from all her 5 previous albums plus a new track, E PENSO A TE - AND I THINK OF YOU - a cover of an Italian song by Lucio Battisti with the lyrics translated by Tanita. THE BEST OF... sums up the first stage of her music career but also begins a new one, as one of the producers of AND I THINK OF YOU, Marco Sabiu, is the co-author of her latest album, THE CAPPUCCINO SONGS. Tanita signed to a new label, Mother/Polygram and her current management is Stephen Budd.

    Her tastes in music are Nina Simone, Jennifer Warnes, Dinah Washington, Marisa Monte, Paolo Conte and Leonard Cohen. Tanita is very meticulous about choosing the right people to co-operate with, they are always the best musicians, photographers and producers. She puts her soul into music trying to express her feelings and thoughts as clearly and consciously as possible.

    To date, more than 7 million people bought her LPs world-wide. The success she has achieved gave her the freedom to live the life she wanted to live. The world is her oyster. She lives both in Paris and London. She is an independent, happy woman.

    Tanita has been involving herself not only in music: in 1993 she turned model for a moment and took part in a fashion show in Milan. For this event, at the fashion designer Ter et Bantine's request, she sacrificed her thick black hair. Instead of professional models Ter et Bantine likes to use singers, actresses and people he admires to wear his designs. Tanita also played a cameo role as a secretary in a Monika Treut's movie "Taboo Parleur" and even though she admits it wasn't a big achievement, her appearance in a lesbian erotic film must have been an act of courage.

    These are only some of the things that she seems to go in for quite innocently. Undoubtedly, Tanita does a lot of them just for fun. She clearly detaches herself from pettiness and trivialities of the world and apparently has a natural instinct for noticing what is really important. THE CAPPUCCINO SONGS -10 songs like 10 cups of coffee twisting your sobriety.

    Margi Ziemianin
    (for INACZEJ, published August 1998)
    Translated by Margi and Krzysztof Migdalski

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