Questions & Answers for PolyNews

Tanita Tikaram exclusively for PolyGram Poland.

How do you feel now ?

I feel like a mother expecting a baby.

Do you think the future looks bright?


What are you listening to?

Marisa Monte "Rose & Charcoal"

I never thought that...

...I would give an interview in French

The worst moment on stage...

...was when my guitar was out of tune and I had to sing a cappella

The best piece you've ever heard...

"Ave Maria" by Schubert

Life is...


The book you've read recently but didn't like at all...

As far as I can remember it was something by Hanefi Kureshi

What do you fear most ?

I'm afraid of failure and losing hope.

My ideal holidays were...

...the ones I spent in Italy

The most important thing for you is...

...the ring I got from the person I love

What did you take after your parents?

Warmth and sense of humour after my mother and awkwardness

after my father

What makes your pulse race?

Sexy people that use perfume by Adolfo Dominguez

Do we have to cheat?

Only when we're losing.

Do we learn to cry?

No, it's the first thing we do when we are born.

I lose myself in..., when it's good!


Thanks to Krzysztof Migdalski for this translation.

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