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Tanita Tikaram "The Cappuccino Songs"


Not only the title of the LP, "The Cappuccino Songs", but also the picture of a cup of white coffee on the cover recall the atmosphere of a cafe. And it's not the atmosphere of a poxy, smoky, cramped dive but rather of a cosy coffee bar somewhere on the outskirts, where friends or lovers meet, where you don't talk business and where you can sit at a table and spend your time thinking or staring at the window. The whole LP is just in such a mood, slightly nostalgic but at the same time buoyant and very cheerful. This is a real collection of hits and all of them are a pleasure to listen to. None of them will overwhelm you, most of them are pretty joyful and all are melodic. Tanita has recorded a truly popish album and when I listened to the new songs I got the impression that she'd lost a part of herself. TT started playing music that is very rhythmic and catchy, in the style of Tom Petty, Sting, Peter Gabriel or John Mellencamp. "If I Ever", I would say, brings to mind even the lively hits of Elton John (only favourable comparisons!). At least this what the beginning and the middle of the album sound like. In "The Day Before You Came"

Tikaram is more "like herself" - an artist working a raw musical material. It is worth noting that every song is dominated by a single recurrent motif that does not change throughout. These motifs are sometimes "entangled" and they are more conspicuous in some songs than in others. Thus, "I Don't Wanna Lose At Love", for example, is based on a folk theme, while "The Cappuccino Song" on "happy hooting".

This recurrence is typical of the whole album, as some verses or backing vocals are often repeated within one song.

Those who are keen on the guitar will like the tabs included in the album booklet.

Oh, one more thing... Surprisingly enough, apart from the sentimental intro to "I Like This", there are no ballad pieces on the album.


Translated by: Krzysztof Migdalski

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