Review from "XL" 9/98

Tanita Tikaram "The Cappuccino Songs"

[Mother Records / PolyGram]


A woman changes once in a while. But sometimes these changes are all the better for herself. That was with Tanita Tikaram. After some years of silence she recorded a splendid album. "The Cappuccino Songs" was realized by a new producer and a new company. Tanita also changed herself with cut hair and a new fashion style. One word - mature.

After the great success of her debut "The Ancient Heart" (that was 10 years ago) she recorded some not so good albums. Fortunately now that changes. As she says, she rested from music, and has now the new look. Marco Sabiu helped Tanita in creating this new album writing songs and being a producer. They understood one another. They created a new pop album, but every song has own tone. Not wonder that there are influences of music of all over the world as her mother was born on Borneo and father is Fijian. There aren't any weak songs on this album. In the beginning is splendid "Stop Listening" from the first single, and being potentially hits "Back In your Arms" and "If I Ever". Interesting is also the new version of old ABBA's hit "The Day Before You Came". I can't tear myself away from the sad beautiful ballad "Amore Si"

Mariusz Owczarek

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