"B I G    S T A R    P A R T Y"

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Q. I'll leave you for a moment because I have to go to town.

['Stop Listening' in the background, the man is in a music shop]

Q. I'm listening to the latest album by Tanita Tikaram, there's a great song here entitled 'Stop Listening.' Probably about 7 years ago she was on the top in Poland with the song 'Twist In My Sobriety'; a very sympathetic girl, so I thought, 'maybe we could go and talk with her'. Lampart, what do you think about this, we're going to Tanita Tikaram to talk with her, but comb your hair first, man.

[in the hotel]

Q. First I have to ask in which room she's staying, because I don't know, to be honest. We'll find it in a moment, we'll go to the reception desk and I'm sure this guy will tell us. [to the receptionist] We're looking for Tanita Tikaram. Do you know where she is, sir?

[the receptionist is leaving]

Q. The guy is very shy, apparently he doesn't want to take part in our programme.
Q. Do you know where Tanita is? OK, so we'll go. Which floor are we going to? It's nice to go by this lift.
[on the corridor] Probably she'll be lying relaxed somewhere on a bed, we'll come up and frighten her. No, probably it won't be like that. We'll see.
Q. [with Tanita] We're in a very smart room and you're watching 'Big Star Party', we're in the hotel where there is the guest who'll appear in our programme - Tanita Tikaram, welcome to our show.
T. Hello. Welcome you, too.
Q. This the first time you're in Poland?
T. Yes.
Q. Do you like the place?
T. Very, very funny. [laughter]
Q. Funny? What do you mean?
T. It's very good, I mean all the journalists are asking very strange and funny questions; but it's very nice, actually, very funny.
Q. You've come to Poland for the promotion of your latest LP called 'The Cappuccino Songs,' could you tell something about it - shortly?
T. It's very good.
Q. I know that all people ask you the same thing: what is it like...
T. It's very good, it's like its cover, it's a concept album - dark, metaphoric...
Q. So you're singing about coffee?
T. Yea, more or less. About coffee, yes. But in fact about life and how light it is.
Q. Why did you choose the Abba song 'The Day Before You Came' for a cover?
T. I'm a big Abba fan. I think it's one of their more peculiar songs. It's a list, the song is really a list about a woman's day, and I find it very intriguing.
Q. So when you were younger, you used to listen to Abba.
T. Yea, when I was younger. My mother actually used to look like one of the members of Abba.
Q. Wow.
T. She used to copy their style. And every time... [interrupted]
Q. Yes, there was this funny style then, in the 70's.
T. Afro, she had a big afro, it was very funny. So I had an Abba-mother, so you know.
Q. That was also a reason why you listened to their songs.
T. This song is actually connected with my mother, it's a very adult song, it didn't seem like a pop song. 'The Day Before You Came' isn't really a pop song, it seems to be about something else, something more serious that we don't usually hear in pop music. I think it's about an old woman's sadness.
Q. Do you want to do any concerts in Poland, because you're very popular here, people love you... Are there any chances?
T. Hopefully, yes, maybe in August, or maybe at the end of the year. But I'm not sure yet.
Q. Thank you very much.

['Stop Listening']

Q. A very nice girl; it's a pity a I had to be closed in this room with her; I thought it would be good to go for a walk with her in Warsaw, talk about birds or about love. Tanita Tikaram - you're watching 'Big Star Party.'


Thanks to Krzysztof Migdalski for this tapescript.


Updated: 4th October 1999, Boleslaw Januszko


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